• 15 November 2013 at 05 : 30 AM

    Marketing For Start-ups

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    ForStartups is an initiative of NSRCEL@IIMB Effective marketing strategies could be the difference between the success or failure of a Start-up. Buzz alone wouldn’t guarantee a start-up its sought success, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. To stand out in the noise, start-ups need to do more to draw attention. Some start-ups are great at this. Innovative ...

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  • 11 November 2011 at 16 : 53 PM

    iOS expert @Livestream

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    DETAILS: We are looking for individuals who are passionate about building high quality compelling mobile apps on the iOS platform. As part of a young team, you will be expected to work hard & learn latest innovative technologies on the mobile. If you are a quick-learner & love to work in a challenging and fast-paced environment then we need you in ...

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Featured Apps

  • 17 August 2011 at 08 : 33 AM


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    Its a game: Mojostreet is a location based real world mobile game for smartphones that lets you compete with your friends by checking into interesting places, Earning mojo $s and Trading properties. For Explorers The game also helps you discover amazing places of interest based on your likes and your friend recommendations. When someone is traveling to ...

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